Holy Ghost Rosary - and the story behind it.

"Let us develop a "Rosary" combining the Holy Ghost Chaplet with the typical rosary prayers and let us make it in our Step-by-Step format with scriptures of the life of Our Lord where the Holy Ghost clearly is present in the life of Our Lord."

We did some resarch around a "Holy Ghost rosary" and found some information. All websites were actually Holy Ghost chaplets even if it was named "Holy Ghost Rosary" . Again, we saw one of the issues surrounding the Holy Ghost Chaplets and HolyGhost prayer websites - just as it was with the Rosary prayers - it is all over the place and as always, taking for granted that people know how to pray.

We took some of the scriptures from the Holy Ghost Chaplet but amend it to suit the life of Jesus and there the Holy Ghost was present. We do not call it Mysteries, but rather Scriptures to avoid confusion as it is not a proper Holy Rosary.

  • The First Scripture is the Holy Ghost and Annunciation.
  • The Second Scripture is the Holy Ghost and Baptism
  • The Third Scripture is the Holy Ghost and Temptation in the Desert,
  • The Fourth Scripture is the Transfiguration of Jesus which first was the Holy Ghost and Eveangelization.
  • The Fifth Scripture is the Holy Ghost and Pentecost.

We hope everyone using it enjoys it as much as we do!

We should know by know of how to create this!

We have all the material already.

"Very early on the first of the week they came to the sepulcher, the Sun having risen." (Mark 16:1-8)

or is it ... the Son having risen...